Leasing Contract FAQs

We know that you may have a few questions about the lease contract itself, so we’ve listed all of our most frequently asked questions here. These questions aim to answer your queries about your lease contract, what is included and what to do if you want to cancel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Leasing Contracts

The registered keeper of the lease car is the finance company that your deal is funded through. You do not own the car at any point of your contract and the car goes back to the finance company at the end of your lease.

It depends on the make and model of your vehicle as well as if there were any special offers on that particular car. Our main funding partner is Lex Autolease, but we also offer dealer finance options across our deals. To find out more about your funder and how to get in contact with them, visit our finance company page.

When you lease a car, you are obligated to keep the car serviced and maintained throughout the contract term. This also included making sure the car has an MOT if it is older than three years. The lease car will be inspected when it comes to the end of your lease, and you need to make sure that it does not exceed the Fair Wear and Tear guidelines set out by the BVRLA. We offer a maintenance package across all of our deals so if you want some peace of mind about maintaining the vehicle; get in touch with the team and we will get you a price sent over.

You are also responsible for staying under your mileage limit during your lease contract otherwise you will be liable to pay an excess mileage charge per mile you go over.

We offer lease contracts ranging from 18 months all the way to five years. Only a few makes and models do offer an 18 month contract though so make sure to check with your consultant to see if this is possible for you. Our most common lease contracts are for 2 year, 3 year or 4 year terms.

These figures are called payment profiles and refer to how your contract is structured. The first number before the plus symbol is the number of payments upfront you have chosen. The number after the plus symbol is the remaining number of monthly payments you will have to pay for the car.

In our example (9+47), this is a contract for 48 months or 4 years. The 9 refers to an initial monthly payment of 9 months. After this upfront payment has been made, you will then pay your monthly lease amount for another 47 months.

First, you will need to calculate the number of miles you use on a weekly basis – in other words, the trips that you know you are definitely going to make. Multiple this by 52 (the number of weeks in the year) and you will have a rough idea of what your annual mileage should be. For more information, visit our mileage allowance page which goes into more detail.

With leasing, the money you are paying is the depreciation value of the lease car. This is the difference between what the car costs new and its worth at the end of the contract (or the residual value). The number of miles on a car impacts the rate of depreciation so the more miles you have means the lower residual value at the end. Visit our mileage allowance page for more details.

All customers have a right to change their mind and cancel their agreement but in most cases cancellation charges will apply. Find out if and what charges may apply to you on our cancellations page.

With most online transactions you are entitled to a 14-day cooling off period. For car leasing, this usually starts after your lease contract has been signed by you and approved by the finance company. To find out more about cancellations, visit our cancellation page.

Early termination isn’t always available for your agreement as it depends on the finance company that you have. You will need to check with your finance company to see if this option is open to you. If it is available, early termination usually comes with an early termination fee which can be 50% of the remaining rentals. Check out our early termination page to find out more.

You are within your right to not accept the lease car if you are not satisfied with it. You can only reject the car if the delivery driver is still there, and nothing has been signed for. However, depending on whether you are unhappy with the condition or the specification, you may have to pay a number of additional fees to reject it. Find out more information on our cancellation page.

Included in all of our lease deals is:

  • Nationwide Delivery
  • Road Tax
  • Full Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Manufacturer’s Breakdown Cover

Not included in our lease deals but available as an option is:

  • Maintenance Package
  • Service Plan
  • GAP Insurance

Not included in our lease deals and not yet available as an option is:

  • Motor Insurance
  • Fuel

If you have more question about what is and isn’t included in your contract, get in touch with the team. You can call us on 0345 350 3776, email us on enquiries@willowleasing.com, or send us a message on our live chat service.

No, we currently do not offer a motor insurance policy as part of our lease offers. We can, however, offer you a great price on a GAP insurance policy through our trusted partner – check it out on our GAP insurance page.

Anyone can drive your lease vehicle as long as they are a named driver on the motor insurance policy. You will still need to be the main driver on the policy as you are the one leasing the car.

Got a question? Feel free to get in touch to see how we can help.