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Looking to lease something through your business? We've got some great business car leasing deals available on a whole range of vehicles. Check out our fantastic business car lease deals below!

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Business Leasing FAQs

The business rates on our website do not include the VAT and in most cases this is where the difference lies. It is advertised this way as businesses that are VAT-registered can reclaim up 100% of the VAT on their monthly payments.

If you have a VAT-registered business, there are a few benefits to leasing through your company. Your business can reclaim a percentage of the VAT, saving you money on your payments. Leasing in general is quite beneficial as well as you get to drive a new car or van every 2-4 years with fixed monthly payments that remain the same throughout the contract term. This means that you get to update your vehicle and get the newest technology without the worry of vehicle depreciation.

It depends on the funder/finance company that the deal is with. They each have their own terms and conditions so it would be best to give us a call and we can double check if your business is eligible.

Business Leasing (or Business Contract Hire) is very similar to Personal Leasing. It allows you to rent a car or van (or a fleet) for a contracted time period (usually 2, 3 or 4 years). After paying an initial rental, you pay for your vehicle with fixed monthly payments until your contract ends. At the end of lease, you simply just hand the vehicle back!

With a maintenance package, you can avoid repair bills, providing you with complete peace of mind, so you can drive your new car without the hassles you might otherwise have to deal with. Our maintenance package includes features such as manufacturer approved services, driver helpline and 24-hour assistance, MOT testing (if required), accident management, breakdown assistance and punctures. Check out our maintenance page for more details!