Enjoy Peace of Mind Motoring: Car Leasing with Full Maintenance Included

At Willow Leasing, we're proud to offer not only competitive and flexible car leasing deals, but also comprehensive maintenance packages designed to provide you with a hassle-free driving experience. We firmly believe that motoring should bring enjoyment and convenience, not concerns about sudden mechanical issues or routine servicing.

With our full maintenance included package, your monthly payments cover more than just the car. It includes routine servicing, tyre replacements, brake repairs, and even major mechanical work to the engine, gearbox and electrical system. You'll never have to worry about unexpected repair costs or scheduling a service - it's all handled for you.

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Making Sense of Car Leasing

In the modern world, the idea of car ownership is evolving rapidly. A leading part of this revolution is car leasing, a concept that combines the thrill of driving a new vehicle with the flexibility of not owning it. However, an essential element to understand in this process is the maintenance aspect of car leasing, which ensures that your vehicle remains in pristine condition throughout the term of your lease.

Maintenance in Car Leasing: A Key Consideration

A maintenance package when leasing a vehicle can be your shield against unexpected expenses, making it an integral part of your leasing agreement. With the correct maintenance package, you can ensure that your vehicle remains roadworthy and that you adhere to the conditions of your lease agreement without worry.

What's Included: The Elements of a Maintenance Package

Routine Servicing

Routine servicing is a fundamental component of a maintenance package, ensuring your vehicle is regularly checked and updated as per the manufacturer's recommendations. Labour and parts costs for this service are included in the package.

Tyre Replacements

Tyres are the lifeline of a car's performance and safety. A maintenance package ensures that you need not worry about the costs associated with replacing worn or damaged tyres.

Mechanical and Electrical Repairs

Repairs are an unpredictable aspect of car ownership. In the leasing scenario, a maintenance package will cover the cost of necessary mechanical and electrical repairs that aren't due to damage or negligence.


Once your leased vehicle reaches the three-year mark, it will require an annual MOT test. This is usually covered under a comprehensive maintenance package.

The Perks: Advantages of a Maintenance Package


A maintenance package provides predictability in terms of cost, allowing you to budget your vehicle expenses accurately without any unexpected costs.

Peace of Mind

The package offers peace of mind, ensuring that your vehicle is maintained to the highest standards, thereby meeting all lease agreement conditions.


Regular maintenance ensures that your leased vehicle is in prime condition, providing a safer and more reliable driving experience.

The Verdict: A Sensible Investment

To wrap it up, including a maintenance package in your car leasing agreement is an investment that makes sense. It not only ensures your vehicle remains roadworthy and in optimal condition, but also offers predictability of cost, peace of mind, and safety assurance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Leasing with Maintenance

A car leasing maintenance package is an addition to your lease agreement that covers the costs of routine servicing, tyre replacements, mechanical and electrical repairs, and MOTs, ensuring that your leased vehicle remains in optimum condition.

While not mandatory, a maintenance package is highly recommended. It provides peace of mind, and predictability of costs, and ensures your leased vehicle is regularly serviced and maintained.

A maintenance package typically covers routine servicing, tyre replacements, necessary mechanical and electrical repairs, and MOTs for vehicles over three years old.

Yes, the maintenance package generally excludes repairs or replacements due to accidental damage, driver negligence, or misuse. Always review the terms of your specific maintenance package for clarity.

Yes, a standard maintenance package will cover the costs associated with replacing worn or damaged tyres. However, it's essential to check the specifics of your lease agreement.

A maintenance package can be added to your lease agreement for an additional monthly cost, providing a convenient and cost-effective way to manage vehicle upkeep.

Yes, when your leased vehicle reaches the three-year mark and requires an annual MOT test, the cost of this is covered by a comprehensive maintenance package.

Regular servicing is usually a requirement in lease agreements. You could breach your contract if you don't service your leased vehicle, leading to penalties or additional charges. You also run the risk of voiding the manufacturer's warranty. 

A maintenance package for your leased vehicle is worthwhile as it makes your costs predictable and ensures your car stays in good shape. It also gets rid of surprise repair bills, giving you a calm and smooth leasing journey.

Normally, a maintenance package is arranged at the beginning of the lease. However, you can set it up within a month of the contract starting, though it's best to confirm this with us as different finance companies may have differing rules. 

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