No Deposit Car Leasing

No Deposit, no problem! Whether you’re looking for a personal or business car lease we have a huge selection of brand new cars available with no deposit. No need to pay a hefty upfront payment with these offers giving you an affordable way to change your car. Can’t find what you’re looking for get in touch with the team today and let us find it for you.

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What is No-Deposit Car Leasing?

No-deposit car leasing is very similar to standard car leasing. This means you lease a brand new car for a certain amount of time by paying monthly instalments until the end of the contract. Then the car is handed back, and you are free to lease a new one.

When you take out a lease whether it is standard or no deposit, you are entering into a finance agreement with the lease company who own the car. This means that you will undergo a credit check to see if you can be trusted to pay for the car throughout the term. The lease company will check your credit score to determine this. Check out our car leasing finance page to learn more about the finance for your deposit lease deals.

The main difference between standard car leasing and no deposit car leasing, is that with normal leasing, you will pay a larger amount in the first month (this is called the initial rental or the initial payment). This deposit options will usually be equal to between three times the monthly payment and nine times the monthly payment, but it can sometimes be as much as twelve times the monthly payment.

When it comes to no-deposit car leasing, all of the monthly payments are the same amount including the initial rental. This means that you do not need to come up with a large sum of money when the agreement starts. For example, if you take out a four year contract, you will have to pay 48 monthly payments of the same amount.

This type of leasing sometimes has different names including zero-deposit leasing and 0-down leasing. These all refer to the same thing. You might also see no-deposit contracts referred to as: 1+35 months. This means that the first month in a 36-month contract is equal to one month’s payment.

More Expensive Monthly Payments

How leasing works is that if you increase the amount of money you pay up front (in the initial rental) your monthly payments will decrease, and you will pay less per month. So, while you don’t have to pay a large initial payment with no deposit, the monthly payments you pay will be more expensive compared to standard car leasing.

If you opt for a service plan or a maintenance plan for your contract as well, you can expect to pay more for these (compared to standard leasing) as you are paying less upfront.

Why Is It a Popular Option?

Zero deposit leasing is becoming a popular choice among drivers because it offers greater flexibility for them. They don’t have to put together a large amount of money to cover the initial rental and aren’t put off by any shocking initial payment amounts while searching for their perfect deal.

Leasing as a whole is also popular for many other reasons:

  • If you want to keep on top of the latest technology and specs, leasing allows you to change cars frequently and without having to worry about the residual value of the car. You simply hand back the lease car at the end of the contract and are free to lease another straight away. Compared to other finance options, the prices tend to be lower with car leasing; making it a very affordable way to drive a brand new car as often as you like.
  • The payments that you pay each month will also remain the same throughout the contract. The monthly amount wont increase as time goes on so you know exactly how much money is being taken out of your account each month.
  • With all of our no deposit car leasing deals, both manufacturer’s warranty and road tax are included so you don’t need to worry about paying extra.
  • Especially when you lease through Willow Leasing, you can guarantee a simple and hassle-free way to get a new car. We’ve specifically designed our website so that you can find the car you want, the price that you like and apply for it all in the comfort of your own home. We have a supportive team of consultants ready to aid you wherever you need. You can sit back and relax with Willow Leasing.

Can I Get a No Deposit Lease on All Cars?

As the lease depends upon the funding of the finance company, it is dependent upon them as to what is and isn’t allowed for your lease contract. No deposit leasing, as with early termination and accommodation finance, may not be allowed if the finance company the contract is with does not offer it as an option. So, you will need to check with your sales consultant to see if it is possible for you.

Even if the no deposit lease is an option to you, you will need to pass the credit check before you can order the car. You will need have a good to excellent credit score in most cases to pass for a credit check.

Why Not Consider No Deposit Car Leasing with Willow?

As a popular option for many people, no deposit lease deals could be suitable for you depending on your circumstances. If you like the idea of paying a fixed monthly cost throughout your lease term with no large upfront sum, then no deposit will be right for you.

At Willow Leasing, we have over 16 years’ worth of experience and we pride ourselves on offering clear, jargon-free advice. With a 5 star rating on Feefo, you can trust us to look after your lease. Check out our why Willow Leasing video below!

We also offer no-deposit van leasing! This is a popular option for many van drivers and if you are looking for an affordable way to drive your next van, click here check out our no-deposit van leasing deals today.

No Deposit FAQs

"No Deposit" means you don't pay a larger advanced payment upfront and pay the same amount through your entire contract period. Check out more about no deposit leasing here.

With car leasing, you will pay the same total amount for your contract whether you have no deposit or an upfront payment of 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. The more money you put upfront just means the less you have to pay monthly but with no deposit, the total contract amount is spread over less payments so therefore a more expensive monthly payment.

No Deposit car leasing can be quite a popular option as it means you have greater flexibility for payments. If you cannot pay a large amount upfront, a no-deposit lease can make it easier for you lease the car you want at a price that works.

Yes, no deposit car leasing is sometimes called zero-deposit or zero-down leasing - they all refer to the same thing.