Can You Travel Abroad With A Lease Car?

Ready for an adventure with your lease car? This guide covers what you will need to do before travelling abroad with your leased car.

You’ve got a brand new lease car waiting on your drive for the next adventure. You’ve got bags packed, a full tank or battery and a family ready for a vacation but you are wondering – can I take my lease car abroad?

Yes, You Can Take A Lease Car Abroad

Yes, you can take your lease car abroad but there are a few things you will need to do before you set off. You will need to contact your finance company so that you can acquire the relevant permissions to take your leased car abroad. If you don’t do this, you could be delayed at the border and if necessary, the car could be impounded.

The finance company will need to send you paperwork that authorises you (from them) to take the lease car out of the country. You should contact the finance company a couple of weeks before you leave so you can make sure that the paperwork arrives before you go. You can find the correct contact details on our finance company page.

The paperwork will include the vehicle details (such as make and model) as well as your details (as you are leasing the car). Before you leave, you should make sure you have your full, valid UK driving licence as well as your paperwork on your person and ready to hand.  

Some Other Recommendations for Abroad Travelling

Check your breakdown and motor insurance – you need to check that your car insurance and any breakdown cover are still valid if you travel to another country. For company cars or salary sacrifice cars, you should also check company policy to see if you can take the car abroad as well.

Understand local laws - not all countries share the same road laws, road signs and road markings so it is recommended to spend some time getting to know the laws of the place you are travelling to. Some countries require you to carry specific equipment like a breathalyser kit or a safety kit too so make sure you research whether this is required and if so, add what is necessary to your car.

Enjoy Your Trip!

We hope you enjoy your holiday! If you have any other questions about travelling abroad with your leased car, you can get in contact with the team at 0345 350 3776, send us a message on our live chat service or email us at