What Car Body Type Suits You?

Struggling to decide which type of car would suit you best? Each car body type has its own features which aim to fill a particular need. This guide outlines what each body type is and what uses it may have for you.

As there are many brands and models out on the market, there are several different body types available too. Each type of car aims to fill and meet a particular need that you may have for your vehicle such as a larger boot size, more seats or use in a city centre.

There are many body types out on the road so we’ve chosen the most popular options so you can select the one that’s right for you.

How Do I Choose the Right Car Body Type For Me?

When deciding what car body type suits you the best, you need to consider what you want from a car. Some things to think about include:

  1. Where do you drive most of your journeys (Cities/Towns or Motorways)?
  2. How many passengers will you need to carry?
  3. Do you need access to the rear seats quickly and easily?
  4. How much boot space do you require?
  5. Will you be driving off-road?

Give these questions a think and keep in mind what you require from your vehicle as you read through the rest of this guide. We’ve described each body type below and when you think you’ve found the one that ticks all your boxes, there is a link after each description which will take you to our lease deals for that particular body type.  


A hatchback vehicle is one of the most popular body types on UK roads. They are nimble (making them good for navigating busy traffic), easy to park and still roomy enough for the family. The hatchback model tends to be the cheapest body type across the different brands.

Hatchbacks can be classed as either a 3-door vehicle or a 5-door vehicle. This is because the boot and rear windscreen open as one part categorising it as a door. If you are going to regularly drive with passengers in the back, we recommend choosing the five-door option to make getting in and out easier.

While not as spacious as an SUV or MPV, hatchbacks have a good amount of practical space that you can put to use. The average boot space for a hatch is 400 litres and the rear seats can be lowered to add even more boot space if required.

There are a lot of different hatchbacks available on the market today, some popular hatchbacks we offer are Hyundai Kona, Nissan Juke, Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Golf.

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Saloon cars are large executive vehicles that are well-built and stylish. They have a lower wheelbase which offers a more comfortable ride as well as more legroom both in the rear and front passenger seats. They are sleek and less bulky than hatchbacks and SUVs but the bigger wheelbase does make them longer than most cars.

A saloon is classed as a four-door vehicle because the boot lid is hinged below the back windscreen; making the boot itself a separate compartment to the rest of the car. It offers practical storage space as well as a sophisticated and professional design. This body type is great for someone who wants to travel in style.

Some of the more popular saloons available for lease are the: Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, Tesla Model 3 and Mercedes-Benz C Class.

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Coupes are one of the more sportier body types on this list thanks to their sleek, sloping rear roofline and low wheelbase making them fun to drive. In simpler terms, a coupe is a two-door version of a saloon which focuses on luxury and sport. However, there are now cars on the market that are classed as four-door coupes and SUV-Coupes.

A two-door coupe doesn’t focus on practicality but more on performance and drivability. They don’t offer a lot of interior space especially if they have two rear seats which are usually only suitable for younger kids due to the amount of space you are restricted to. In this type of coupe, boot space is decent as it is rather deep so can accommodate a reasonable amount of baggage. Some popular two-door coupes include the Audi TT, Mercedes-Benz C Class and BMW 2 Series.

A four-door coupe is categorised as either a saloon with a slopped rear roofline or a coupe with a longer wheelbase and an extra set of doors. A four-door coupe tends to look more desirable than a saloon, but the lower roofline could mean the headroom is reduced. The rear seats have much more space in the four-door than the two thanks to the extra doors. Some popular four-door coupes include the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe, Audi A5 Sportback and Mercedes-Benz CLA.

An SUV-Coupe is described as a less practical version of SUVs. Similar to an SUV, you have a high driving position and space, but the roofline is curved at the back like the other coupes. These were created to mix the desirability of a coupe with the practicality of an SUV. They have a large boot space, some off-road capability, and give you a better view of the road. However, the sloping roofline does reduce the amount of interior space. Some popular SUV-Coupes include the Audi Q3, Porsche Cayenne and BMW X6.

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Estate cars take elements from saloons and hatchbacks to create a classy but practical medium-sized car. Based mostly on the shape and size of a saloon, an estate has a longer roofline that extends over the back of the car (where the boot would be in a saloon) and has a rear door similar to a hatchback. This gives the carloads of interior and boot space.

Estates are designed to drive long distances and can be used as towing vehicles. Comparable to SUVs in terms of practicality, they are lower to the ground which allows for easier loading and unloading but does reduce your visibility of the road. The boot space also makes the estate a popular choice for pet owners too!

An estate car doesn’t compromise in terms of style either as it still shares many design features as its saloon equivalent making it a sleek and executive choice of car. So, if you wanted something stylish and sleek with lots of space, an estate car is the perfect choice for you.

Some of the more popular estates available for lease are the: Audi A4, Volkswagen Passat, Mazda 6 and Cupra Leon.

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SUV / Crossover

SUVs or Sports Utility Vehicles are large cars that are bigger, taller and higher off the ground than some of the other body types on this list. They offer the driver a good view of the road thanks to the high seating position. These cars have a raised ground clearance which reduces damage to the bottom of the car and makes off-road or rugged terrain easier to travel on.

SUVs are considered large family vehicles; with 5-seat and 7-seat options available for more practicality. They have tons of space inside both in the front, back and boot of the car; sitting most passengers comfortably. Similar to an MPV in size, the main difference between the two is that the SUV offers the ease and style of a family car.

SUVs are known to deliver outstanding safety both on and off-road as well, thanks to their size. Overall, the SUV is great for those who need to carry a lot of cargo daily or someone who wants a car that is safe and reliable. They also are great cars for anyone who owns a pet too!

A sub-category of the SUV is the crossover body type. The crossover is lighter and built on a car platform (like a hatchback) while the SUV is heavier and uses a platform similar to a pick-up truck. In simple terms, this body type is a mixture between an SUV and a hatchback.

A crossover uses something called unibody construction – this makes it lighter and has good fuel efficiency. Crossovers can be a variety of different sizes from subcompact to full-sized and are often called compact SUVs or small-sized SUVs.

The main features of the crossover are similar to an SUV: raised ground clearance, ample interior space and a boot that is inside the cabin itself. It is also one of the safer vehicles on the roads as well. 

Popular SUV models for leasing include the: Kia Sportage, Nissan Qashqai, Audi Q5 and Volkswagen Tiguan. Popular crossover models for leasing include the: Cupra Formentor, Volkswagen T-Roc, Range Rover Evoque and Mazda CX-30.

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Cabriolet / Convertibles

A cabriolet (or convertible) is a car body type that has a foldable or retractable roof. These roofs can either be soft tops (canvas or vinyl) or hard tops (plastic, aluminium or steel). They are usually two-door cars that share a lot of similarities to two-door coupe.

Like the coupe, the cabriolet is quite spacious in the front but offers uncomfortable seating in the back – only suitable for passengers on short trips. Some convertibles out there are practical four-seaters great for families or elegant grand tourers. So, there is a cabriolet out there for everyone. If you want a car that is great for sunny weather, a convertible is for you.

Some of our best cabriolets for leasing are the: Mazda MX-5, Audi A5, BMW 4 Series and Mercedes-Benz E Class.

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An MPV or Multi-Purpose Vehicle is a large passenger car known for its space and seating options. They can carry up to 9 passengers in some MPVs and are great for large families. They have a high driving position like SUVs and Crossover so offer good visibility of the road for the driver.

MPVs’ practicality comes from their versatility. To make as much space as you require, the car’s seats can be folded down, moved or taken out where required. It allows you to increase and reduce the amount of cargo space you need at any point.

This car is an ideal choice for anyone needing to carry lots of people and luggage. Some popular MPVs for leasing include the Vauxhall Vivaro Life, Citroen Grand C4 Spacetourer and the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi.

Check out our list of MPV car leasing offers and find your favourite today.


This body type is the smallest one available on the UK market. Designed for city driving, these cars are compact and easy to manoeuvre, making them perfect for tight corners, small parking spaces and busy streets. These cars aim to make city driving comfortable and stress-free so offer a variety of high specifications to ensure your car is a comfy place to be.

City cars tend to be cheaper than other body types in price but also offer great fuel efficiency, making them one of the most economical cars on the road. They make a good choice for a new driver (thanks to cheaper car insurance) or a city professional who needs a small car to get to and from work.

Popular city cars for leasing include the: Toyota Aygo, Kia Picanto, Hyundai i10 and Fiat 500.

Any Questions?

If you have any more questions about car body types or need some help deciding which one suits you best, you can get in contact with the team by emailing us at enquiries@willowleasing.com, sending us a message on our live chat service or giving us a call on 0345 350 3776.