MPG 47.1
0-62 MPH 135g/km
0-62 MPH 11.9s
BLP £18,972
Per Month £292
MPG 57.6
0-62 MPH 112g/km
0-62 MPH 11s
BLP £21,247
Per Month £298
MPG 46.3
0-62 MPH 138g/km
0-62 MPH 11.9s
BLP £21,080
Per Month £321
MPG 47.1
0-62 MPH 137g/km
0-62 MPH 11.9s
BLP £21,138
Per Month £323
MPG 56.5
0-62 MPH 114g/km
0-62 MPH 11.3s
BLP £23,580
Per Month £333
MPG 46.3
0-62 MPH 138g/km
0-62 MPH 11.9s
BLP £23,055
Per Month £354
MPG 55.4
0-62 MPH 112g/km
0-62 MPH 11.3s
BLP £25,663
Per Month £366
MPG 45
0-62 MPH -
0-62 MPH 9.9s
BLP £26,509
Per Month £377
MPG 45
0-62 MPH -
0-62 MPH 9.9s
BLP £27,634
Per Month £388
MPG 45
0-62 MPH -
0-62 MPH 7.9s
BLP £30,926
Per Month £409
MPG 45
0-62 MPH -
0-62 MPH 7.9s
BLP £32,718
Per Month £435
MPG 32.8
0-62 MPH 194g/km
0-62 MPH 5.5s
BLP £28,551
Per Month £474

Why Lease A Hyundai Kona With Willow Leasing?

Wondering whether to take advantage of our Hyundai Kona lease deals? This car is a perfect choice for someone wanting a car that is a blend of a small family hatchback and a vibrant SUV. The Hyundai Kona comes with a choice of either electric or hybrid so you can find the model that matches your personality best. Wanting to go green but worried about range, try a hybrid version or if you want to avoid the rising fuel prices, go for the fully-electric which has an impressive battery range for its class! Taking on cars like the Nissan Juke, Seat Arona and Kia Stonic, the Hyundai Kona has the wow factor to make it stand out in the crowd - it is unique, eye-catching and versatile not to much award-winning and bold.

Leasing a Hyundai Kona gets you behind the wheel of a modern, adaptable and expressive hatchback that is packed with cutting-edge connectivity and advanced technology to make your drive the best it can be. With a car designed with comfort in mind, a Hyundai Kona lease may be the right choice for you so get searching today.

What Are The Benefits Of Leasing A Hyundai Kona?

Nationwide Delivery

We offer free nationwide delivery across mainland UK on our wide range of Hyundai Kona lease cars. This means you can sit back and lease your next Hyundai from the comfort of your home; hassle-free and simple!

Part Exchange Service

At Willow, we can offer a part exchange for your old vehicle! Get an easy and hassle-free way to sell your old car while leasing your brand new one! We can even arrange for your old car to be collected on the same day as your new one arrives.

Brand New Hyundai

When you lease a Hyundai Kona through the team at Willow Leasing, you can be assured you are receiving the latest and most up-to-date model versions of your favourite Hyundai Kona. This includes the newest technologies and upgrades available. 

Price Matching Service

We have a price matching service available on these cars. so if you find another price on your next lease that you prefer, send it to us and challenge us to beat it. 

Hyundai Kona FAQs

As of June 2022, you can lease a Hyundai Kona from just £169.20 (inc VAT) per month. This price is for a 12-month upfront contract so you would need to pay an initial rental of £2,030.40. With nationwide delivery, a part exchange option and five-star customer service, get in contact with Willow Leasing today on 0345 350 3776.

The Hyundai Kona is a family crossover that boasts a hybrid and electric powertrain suitable for anyone. There are a number of other brands that have similar models to the Kona such as the:

The electric range differs depending on the battery and trim level of the Hyundai Kona that you want. The 39kWh Kona has an electric range of up to 189 miles while the 64kWh Kona has an electric range of up to 300 miles.

Please be aware that these ranges can differ depending on driving style, traffic conditions, weather/climate, road gradient and cargo weight.

For the Hyundai Kona, there are three different paint types that you can choose for your lease; solid, metallic and pearl. The three solid paints are called:

  • Atlas White
  • Ignite Red
  • Dive Blue (which is the standard no-cost colour)

There are three metallic paint options which are:

  • Cyber Grey
  • Galactic Grey
  • Surfy Blue

Lastly, there are four pearl paint colours:

  • Dark Knight Grey
  • Jungle Green
  • Phantom Black
  • Pulse Red

The paints available for the Hyundai Kona depend on the trim level so make sure to double check before you enquire.

The Hyundai Kona comes with two types of charging cable: a Type 2 to Type 2 cable and Type 2 to Three-Pin cable.

  • The Type 2 to Type 2 cable allows you to plug into a charging station (whether at home or when you are out and about).
  • The Type 2 to Three-Pin cable allows you to plug your car directly into a domestic home socket.

These two cable types mean that you can charge your Hyundai Kona in any number of different locations, directly into your home (via a three-pin socket), at a dedicated home charger or into a public charging station.

To find these charging stations, you can use the charging station map on our website or you can use the touch-screen display inside the Hyundai Kona as well.

Got a question? Feel free to get in touch to see how we can help.

What our customers say...

Arthur Collinge
5 stars

I expected from previous reviews that Willow Leasing would give good service in my search for a new Kona EV. I wasn't disappointed. They pulled out all the stops to get the specification I wanted and progressed the transaction without a hitch. All the preliminary checks were completed and the car delivered on time to my home by transporter. Willow cannot be surpassed for service, efficiency and effectiveness.

Leased a Hyundai Kona
Mr Woodward
5 stars

The process could not have been simpler. The team at Willow are responsive, patient and very easy to work with. They do what they say and feedback to you really quickly.

Any queries or questions we had were answered incredibly quickly and thoroughly. I will be recommending Willow Leasing to all. We dealt with a few people throughout our transaction and they were all consistently attentive.

Leased a Hyundai Kona
5 stars

Ordered a new Hyundai Kona and Ryan was amazing. Keeping us updated on the process right through to delivery. Thank you for all your help.

Leased a Hyundai Kona