MPG 33.2
0-62 MPH 198g/km
0-62 MPH 7.7s
BLP £49,775
Per Month £552
MPG 40.9
0-62 MPH 185g/km
0-62 MPH 7.6s
BLP £55,400
Per Month £558
MPG 32.8
0-62 MPH 202g/km
0-62 MPH 7.7s
BLP £54,358
Per Month £587
MPG 31.7
0-62 MPH 209g/km
0-62 MPH 7.7s
BLP £59,358
Per Month £680

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Why Lease a Volvo XC90?

The Volvo XC90 began Volvo’s transformation into a manufacturer of stylish and high-quality cars. It has only become more and more advanced since its introduction. If you want a car that stands out on the road, then an XC90 is the car lease for you. It offers a great drive and has a numerous practical safety features that make you feel secure when you drive.

An added bonus of leasing a XC90? It is also filled to the brim with technology to enhance your driving experience. The Driving Assist is a helping hand for you when you are behind the wheel. It automatically changes your cruising speed for greater comfort and accuracy in any traffic condition. It also comes with Volvo’s advanced filtration technology which makes the air you breath inside the cabin cleaner and better for you. It also has Volvo’s ‘Volvo on Call’ app which allows for you to preheat or precool your car as well as much more before you are even in it.

Getting a Volvo XC90 lease means getting a chance to drive one of the most popular SUVs on the market. It has a choice of diesel, petrol or electric hybrid so can suit to whatever engine you want. This is a car that is one of the world’s most innovative and advanced vehicles that only provides you with a great driving experience and is one car we highly recommend.

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What our customers say...

Jeff McFee
5 stars

Excellent service from Scott at Willow Leasing. Always friendly, helpful and patient (he needed to be as we couldn't decide on colour and had a myriad of other questions). I would thoroughly recommend anyone looking for great value and fantastic service when leasing a car to contact Willow Leasing and will always check them first in the future. This was our third time leasing a car but by far the most painless.

Leased a Volvo XC90
Ross Salt

My wife got her new Volvo XC90 today and must admit whilst a little nervous the whole process has been fantastic which culminated in a top car being delivered today as agreed without a hitch. Great price and Scott was a pleasure to deal with

Leased a Volvo XC90
5 stars

Excellent service, extremely happy with the service provided by Willow leasing. David Jenkins was went over & beyond to help provide the best service meeting our needs & I would definitely recommend him.Thanks again

Leased a Volvo XC90