Delivery FAQs

We know that you may have a few questions about your delivery, so we’ve listed all of our most frequently asked questions here. These questions aim to answer your queries about your delivery day, what you need for your delivery, who can take delivery and other helpful delivery questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Delivery

We can deliver lease cars nationwide to mainland UK completely free-of-charge. Northern Ireland and some parts of Scotland may still be chargeable in a few rare cases so make sure to check with your consultant. Learn more about our nationwide car leasing on our page.

Majority of the time, your car will be a driven delivery. This mean that a delivery driver has driven the car to you direct from the supplier. You may be able to request a trailered delivery, but this will come at an added cost.

This depends on the supplier of the vehicle. In most cases, you are able to collect the car, but you will need to check with your sales consultant to see if you are eligible.

There are a number of strict delivery guidelines across all of the funders we have access to. Majority of the time we can only deliver to the address written on the finance documents. For PCH customers, this address is your home address, and you must be the one to sign for it. For BCH customers, this is the business address and the first named director on the application must be the one to sign for it.

We do not offer a specific time for delivery as it could easily change due to traffic, accidents and emergencies. All of our deliveries will arrive between 8am and 6pm and the delivery driver will give you a call around an hour before they arrive. This gives you time to get home if you have popped out for an errand.  

Majority of the time, only the lease holder can sign for the delivery of the car. For Business Contract Hire, this is the first named director of the business on the finance agreement and for personal contract hire, this is the person whose name is on the contract. You can always check with your sales consultant to see if this is possible.

You just need to have your passport or driving licence as a proof of ID when the car arrives.

You will be given two sets of keys with the vehicle, and you need to make sure that you have both these keys when the car is collected at the end of the lease.

In most cases, the driver will conduct a basic handover service but if you require a more detailed explanation of the car, we recommend looking at your vehicle handbook or the manufacturer’s website.

No, your delivery mileage is not counted towards your annual mileage. The delivery driver will note down the mileage when they arrive, and this is the figure your annual mileage starts from.  

While your new lease car doesn’t arrive with a full tank of fuel, it should arrive with no fuel light on, and 25% fuel/charge left inside. However, this is not a contractual obligation.

Got a question? Feel free to get in touch to see how we can help.