What Is a Pre-Registered Car?

We use the term 'pre-reg' and 'pre-registered' to describe some of our offers on our website. This guide will help you understand what those terms mean and why they may be good for you. 

You may have noticed that some of our special offers have been tagged as ‘pre-reg’ or ‘pre-registered’ and you might not know exactly what that means. This guide is there to shed some light on what a pre-registered car is and how it can benefit you when you are leasing.

What Is a Pre-Registered Car?

A pre-registered car is a car that has been registered with the DVRLA before the day it is delivered to you. When it comes to leasing a pre-registered car, the vehicle is still brand new and hasn’t been driven daily by another customer or by a dealership. However, the car cannot be pre-registered for more than 90 days otherwise it loses its eligibility for leasing.

Why Are There Pre-Registered Cars?

Car dealerships and car suppliers get paid for supplying the car once it has been registered which is usually on the day the car is delivered to or picked up by the customer. They pre-register cars in some instances to fulfil their sales quota for the month.

However, cars are sometimes pre-registered so that the price on them can be secured. If it is known that a car is going to go through a price increase, some suppliers pre-registered a batch so that they can sell them at a lower price.

Pros and Cons of Pre-Registered Cars?


  • Competitive Pricing – Pre-registered cars help you to save money. They usually are offered out with reduced monthly rentals which make them a great lease deal.
  • Fast Delivery Times – Pre-Registered cars tend to be in stock or stock soon cars which means that they can arrive with you much quicker than a factor order one would. Our in-stock car lease deals can usually be delivered to you in 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Brand-New (Pre-Registered Not Pre-Owned) – The car is still brand new, fresh from the factory car and will only have a delivery mileage on it when it is delivered to you. There is no difference between a pre-registered car or a factory order one – apart from one being slightly older than the other.


  • Warranty Period Will Be Shorter – The warranty period on a brand-new car is usually calculated from the date it is first registered. This means that the warranty may not last as long as you think it will because the car has been registered for longer.
  • Not Spec Amendable – Pre-registered cars tend to be in stock on pipeline stock, so they have already been ordered and built. You aren’t able to customise the car to how you want.
  • Not Newest Number Plate – if the car has been pre-registered for a longer period, you may not have the latest number plate available.
  • Servicing / MOT Schedule – Similarly to the warranty period, the MOT and Servicing schedule will have started from when the car was first registered.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about pre-registered cars, get in contact with our team who will be happy to answer them for you. You can email us at enquiries@willowleasing.com, send us a message on our live chat service or give us a call at 0345 350 3776.