Insuring My Lease Car

When it comes to leasing a car or van, you are bound to have some questions about insurance and how to insure your new lease vehicle. Check out our guide below with helpful tips on getting insurance.

Insuring A Lease Car

When it comes to leasing a car or van, you are bound to have some questions about insurance. To put it bluntly, as with any vehicle (whether you lease, rent or own it), you are required to have motor insurance when you drive on UK roads.

We currently do not offer car leasing with insurance packages with our lease deals so we have listed some frequently asked questions that we receive about car insurance as well as a collection of helpful tips so that you can find the best car insurance for your lease car.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of insurance do I need on a lease car?

All leased vehicles (cars or vans) are required to have full comprehensive insurance. Fully comprehensive cover means that the insurance will cover the full cost of any repairs that are required.

When do I need to insure my vehicle?

It is best to organise your insurance when you have received a confirmed delivery date and vehicle registration from us. Your insurance policy should last from the day of delivery all the way until the day it is collected at the end of the contract.

Whose name does the insurance agreement need to be in?

For personal leasing, the policyholder must be the person who has taken out the hire agreement and has had a credit check in their name.

For a business lease, the policy should be in the company’s name (company on the hire agreement) or a director’s name.  

Who is the registered keeper of the vehicle?

The registered keeper of the vehicle is the finance company who you have taken your leasing agreement through. This is for both personal and business leasing. This is a question usually asked by insurance companies as they need to be aware of who owns the vehicle.

The insurance company can’t find my registration, what do I need to do?

Your car is officially registered on the day that it is delivered (unless it is a pre-registered vehicle). As this is the case, the DVLA’s database takes some time to update so your registration may not appear on their system right away. Registration is used by insurance companies to fill out the details of the car, so it is not essential. You can just use the manual car configurator instead and attach your registration after.

Things To Think About

If you are worried about an expensive insurance payment, you may need to take into consideration the type of car you are trying to lease as the car itself can affect your insurance payments as well as other factors.

Our Insurance Reducing Recommendations:

  • Add an additional driver to your insurance policy as this can in most occasions help to reduce the payment amount.
  • Check multiple comparison sites and don’t just stick to one – some insurance companies (as with leasing brokers and lease deals) may not appear on a particular comparison site and may have the best deal for you available. So, it’s best to check them all before choosing your policy.
  • It is always cheaper to pay an annual amount for your insurance rather than monthly so if you can, choose an annual payment for your policy.
  • Insurance policies tend to reduce payment if you install a dash cam or black box to your car to increase security as well.

Anything We've Missed

If there is anything we have missed from this guide that you are still unsure of, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 0345 350 3776 or or you can request a callback here.