Can Someone Else Finance A Deal For Me?

Taking out a finance contract for someone else to benefit from is called accommodation finance. For example, this could mean a parent taking out a car lease for their son or daughter.

So, can someone else finance the car for me?

It depends on the circumstances of the accommodation finance as to whether it is acceptable for someone else to take out finance on your behalf. The criteria for these circumstances can differ depending on which finance company the lease deal is funded by. The generally accepted criteria for accommodation finance are as follows:

  • A husband or wife applying for a lease on behalf of their spouse
  • A parent applying for a lease on behalf of their child (under the age of twenty-one) who is still living at the parent’s home.

It should be noted that some finance companies do not accept any kind of accommodation finance regardless of the circumstances. We recommend that you check the rules regarding accommodation finance before you fill out a finance application so that you are fully aware of whether it is acceptable or not.  

Why do some finance companies not accept accommodation finance?

The reason that some finance companies do not accept accommodation finance deals is to do with the risk involved. For accommodation finance, it relies upon the relationship between the person driving the car and the person paying for the finance. If that relationship breaks down (for whatever reason), there is no guarantee that the car is returned to the finance company at the end of the contract.

Is this fraud?

While accommodation finance itself is not illegal (although heavily frowned upon by some finance companies), you may be committing fraud instead by not declaring that you are doing it. When it comes to signing your contract, there is usually an area where you sign to declare that you will be the main driver of the vehicle.

Any Questions?

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