Electric Charging Stations

Looking to lease an electric car or an electric van? Use the below map and check out what charging stations are available near you.

Our Map of Electric Charging Stations

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Different Types of Charging Stations

There are many different types of charging stations in the UK and each charging station can use a range of different charging cables, so it is essential that you know what charging cable is compatible with your electric car, so you aren’t caught out on your next road trip.

  • UK Three Pin Plug:
    • Power Rating: 2.3 to 3kW AC, Single Phase (Standard Charge)
    • Charging Rate: 5-mile range per 30 minutes of charging
  • Type 1 Plug:
    • Power Rating: 3 to 7kW AC, Single Phase (Slow/Fast Charge)
    • Charging Rate: 12 Miles per 30 Minutes of Charging
    • (Not Compatible With More Modern Electric Cars)
  • Type 2 Plug:
    • Power Rating: 3 to 42kW AC, Single Phase / Three Phase (Fast Charge)
    • Charging Rate: 75 Miles per 30 Minutes of Charging
    • (Standard European Charging Cable Connector Type)

Using the above map, you can click on each charging station pin and check what type of connector it has:

Different Companies For Different Charging Stations

Not all public charging stations will be the same as they are provided and built by different companies:

  • Ubitricity
  • Pod Point
  • BP Pulse
  • ChargePlace Scotland
  • Source London
  • Tesla Destination
  • Char.gy
  • Tesla Supercharger
  • GeniePoint
  • InstaVolt
  • Charge Your Car
  • VendElectric
  • GRIDSERVE Electric Highway

Above is a list of the companies with the most chargers in the UK but there are still many others that provide stations throughout the country.

How To Use A Public Electric Charging Station

Some companies may ask for you to download an app to use and pay for their charging facilities and others can be operated by using the console itself. Watch the below video by Audi which explains how to use public chargers across a variety of charging points.

Although made by Audi, the instructions can apply to several different makes and models.

Step-By-Step Guide:

  1. Locate the charging station and park up.
  2. Open your charging port (either on the front or side of your electric car)
  3. Plug into the console:
    1. If there is no cable – you will need to plug your own into the charger and your car.
    2. If there is a cable – find the correct charger type for your car and plug it into your car.
  4. Pay for your charge (either by contactless payment or downloading an app and purchasing it that way).

Electric Charging Stations FAQs

As of March 31st 2022, there are 30412 charging devices across 19150 locations in the UK. Each month an average of 300 electric charging stations are installed so the number of stations is steadily rising.

At public charging stations, the price depends on the cost of electricity for each network, what type of charge point is used and how much charge is required. Some points will cost nothing to use while the faster charging points (like rapid and ultra-rapid chargers) tend to cost more to use than slower chargers.

It depends on the type of charger you are using. Chargers that have a power rating of 3kW can take up to 10 hours to charge while chargers with a 45kW can take up to an hour to fully charge the car.