What is The Most Popular Colour Of Car?

This is a question that will often pop into my head when I see long line of cars all in the same colour; maybe waiting at a traffic light or parked in line along the road. It’s a strange sight to see but one that makes you think how likely it is to happen.

You probably have your own favourite. My brother, for example, will only chose blue for his car – apart from if he got his hands on a red Ferrari.

This list is based on the figures from the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) from a study of cars in 2019.

10. Yellow

Yellow is loud and proud. On both those rainy days and sunny days, this colour is noticed on the road. Because of its vibrant hue, this colour is considered one of the safest colours to have for your car as it keeps you visible to other drivers. Having a yellow car shows that you are optimistic with a joyful personality. It also can indicate that you are more likely to take risks.

The most popular car for this colour is the Suzuki Vitara (pictured) as well as it being a popular choice for a supercar.

9. Bronze

Bronze is for those more thrifty and sensible car owners; it is a colour that exudes power in its own subtle way. Owners of these cars prefer to sit behind the wheel of a reliable car that does its job without a display of nifty gadgets. They are for the more mature crowd among us.

Bronze is a unique colour out on the road; it does not try to stand out, but it does catch your eye. The most common bronze car on the road is the Peugeot 3008.

8. Green

From Deep Emerald to Lime, green is a colour that either you like, or you do not. Green is not a colour I would say no to; however, I feel that green works depending on the type of car you want.

Pastel shades of green are becoming common now with super small models of car like the Citroen C3 and the Fiat 500. Whereas the brighter green hue is becoming more popular in the supercar industry with it being a choice for cars like the Lamborghini Huracan and the McLaren 650S (Pictured).

7. Orange

With a similarity to yellow, orange is for those drivers who have a sunny disposition and are up for a laugh. More common for those young ones and those young at heart, this colour will stand out in a crowd.

I am surprised by this colour’s higher ranking than that of brown or yellow which I believed to be more popular than orange. The popular choice of car that accompanies this colour is the Dacia Duster (pictured). However, orange is also a popular colour for supercars as well like the McLaren 570s or the Lamborghini Murcielago.

6. Silver

Silver was the reigning champion of the most popular car colour from 2000 to 2008 when it was unfortunately overtaken by black in 2009. Silver is for those who are cool, calm, and confident in both themselves and their driving skill. It is a colour that looks good on any car from a little Mini Cooper to a powerful Bugatti Chiron (pictured). This makes it a reliable colour that you can choose if you do not know what would suit the car you want.

Silver is also a colour that someone may choose instead of grey as it stands out against its less metallic counterpart. It is a neutral colour for someone fun but not too extrovert, adding a little glamour to those ordinary folks.

The most common silver car on the road is the Ford Fiesta.

5. Red

For those drivers with high energy, red coloured cars are not for the timid. If you want to stand out, red is the colour to do so. It is a timeless colour that is associated with the Ferrari supercar. A red car promotes confidence and power as it drives along sweeping roads.

Red would be my choice of colour with it being a vibrant symbol of strength on the road. I own a red Mini Cooper D and I have never felt more confident in my driving when I’m behind the wheel.

The most popular car for this colour on the road is the Vauxhall Corsa (pictured).

4. Blue

Back in 1998 and 1999, blue held the top spot in most popular colour of car. It is for those who are sensible, intellectual, and like to think things through. For cautious drivers, blue represents stability and safety; being the choice of those drivers who are quiet and wary.

Blue is the choice of colour for our Director, David who likes its vibrancy against others that are white or black. He sees blue as a colour that is not boring or not plain to have on a car.

Like silver, the most common car for this colour is the Ford Fiesta (pictured).

3. White

White held the top spot from 2013 to 2016 as most popular colour. It is for those fastidious and hard to please drivers. It is a colour that, although renowned for showing dirt more easily, appears clean and in place. When recently washed white cars have a crisp shininess that is admired.

As I write, outside the window is a gorgeous (seemingly freshly cleaned) Audi R8 (pictured) whose white colour just makes me want to admire it more. The most common white car is a Mercedes A-Class.

2. Black

A black car can be an intimidating presence on the road as it is a tone that connotates power. Black cars are taken seriously with their style and elegance on the road; being the more popular colour for luxury vehicles. Black is also a staple colour of car since manufacturing began.

However, like a white coloured car, black cars are harder to keep clean. Its shiny elegance can be easily destroyed by any blemishes left unchecked. Also, black cars are 47% more likely to be involved in a car crash as it can blend into the background on certain roads.

Black was last on top as most popular colour in 2017 as well as having a reign between 2009 and 2012. The most common black car is, like white, the Mercedes A-Class (pictured).

1. Grey

Earning the top spot in 2018, grey is for those drivers who are knowledgeable, have great self-reliance and are happy to go with the flow. Grey is a more mature colour for anyone who have nothing to prove when they drive. Grey is a colour popular with BMW and Mercedes-Benz who offer it across many models in their range.

Grey is the colour of choice for Scott, one of our sales consultants, who believes that grey, although it may be a better colour on some cars than others, is a classy colour for a car. He also believes it is a solution to the dirt debate as grey does not show dirt as easily as white or black.

The Volkswagen Golf (pictured) is the popular car for this colour.

Which is Your Favourite?

The colour of your car may say a lot about you; whether you take risks or whether you lead a crisp and clean lifestyle. It is not just colour though. The style of your car can also help identify some aspects of your personality. People with smaller cars, like the Fiat 500, are said to be thriftier and tend to live in places with less space. Owners of large cars with more seats are often seen as family-orientated personalities.

So, when it comes to choosing your next car, don’t forget that your choice of both colour and style can show a lot about you.

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