MG Lease Deals

A previously well-established British car manufacturer, MG now operates under the eye of SAIC Motor Corporation Limited. It is safe to say that MG has a fairly varied history in automotive. Its rich heritage began in 1924 and were named in honour of William Morris and his Morris Garages.

In modern times, MG has been resurrected itself with a range of sporty vehicles that incorporate some of the brand’s original design’s and style at the forefront. These cars flaunt affordability and reliability as well as the latest safety features.

Why lease a MG Motor with Willow Leasing?

With a relatively fresh series of cars up for leasing, a MG lease is engrained in a rich heritage that has been refreshed and revamped for the modern era. Its models have been specifically designed to meet modern customer requirements. For the drivers after an SUV, there is the MG ZS, a compact SUV, and MG GS , MG’s first venture in the SUV market. For someone after a smaller car, there is the successful supermini, the MG3.