Renault Zoe Car Lease Deals

The Renault Zoe is Renault’s all-electric small hatchback that is renowned for being incredibly cheap to run whilst also being friendly for the environment. There is a wide range of derivatives for this model as well making it one of the largest ranges of any electric car out on the market. It has won the What Car? Award for Best Small Electric Car, seven years in a row. It looks and feels like any other car out on the road.

It bolsters an impressive driving range with up 245 miles on a 52-kWh capacity battery. There is no need to worry with running out of power so you can drive with confidence. The Renault Zoe also looks incredible: a sculpted bonnet with chrome inserts that converge on the Renault diamond on the front grille. It also features 100% LED front and rear lights to let you enjoy optimum visibility.

This little takes you places but ensures that you are safe and eco-friendly as you go. For our latest Renault Zoe contract hire and personal and business leasing prices, please see below.

Renault Renault Zoe

Why lease a Renault Zoe with Willow Leasing?

A Renault Zoe lease gives you the freedom to enjoy your car without spending a lot to do so with one infrequent charge only costing you £3. Even though it is electric its improved motor gets you a better driving experience: enhanced torque, faster acceleration, and greater responsiveness. You aren’t missing out on anything with this car.