Kia Lease Deals

Our incredible Kia lease deals allow you to drive away in a stylish brand-new Kia. From the popular award-winning Kia Sportage to the electric Kia Soul or the affordable, best-selling Kia Ceed, there is a model – and a lease deal – for everyone.

Why Lease a Kia with Willow Leasing?

Kia produces incredibly safe cars with the majority of its vehicle including advanced safety features. So, know that, when you get a Kia Lease, you are taking the safety of yourself and your passengers seriously. A Kia lease also covers a wide range of drivers, there is a Kia car lease to suit every personality.

Its most popular models range from the compact Picanto city car to the extra-commodious 7-seater Sorento. The Sportage and the Ceed are also very popular, both cars are proving to be huge wins for Kia. Kia cars all sport distinctive designs and are characterised by amazing quality, design and price, so browse our selection and lease a Kia today.

Founded in 1944, Kia is a South Korean automotive company that originally focused on manufacturing bicycles and motorcycles until they changed to developing their own collection of cars and trucks in the 1970s. It has grown from its small roots to being one of the largest manufacturers in the world today.

Kia has become known for its stylish, high-quality, and affordable models which are getting more and more popular with a large number of motorists. Its popularity, which had expanded mostly to North America and Asia has now started to grow on UK roads and this is thanks to their affordability, economical running costs, and the brand’s focus on strong, practical design and build quality.

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