Ten of the Safest Cars in 2020

We all want to make sure the car we drive is safe. Car Safety has come along way since the first seatbelt was created and it only keeps on improving to ensure that we protect both ourselves and other pedestrians when we drive.

All of the cars listed below have received a 5-star rating for their safety from Euro NCAP – The European New Car Assessment Programme. However, each of these cars have been evaluated using four factors: Adult Occupant Protection, Child Occupant Protection, Vulnerable Road Users Protection and Safety Assist.

-       Adult Occupant Protection: how the car protects adult occupants

-       Child Occupant Protection: how the car protects child occupants

-       Vulnerable Road User Protection: how the car protects pedestrians and cyclists

-       Safety Assist: what driver-assistance and crash-avoidance technologies the car has.

Peruse through the list and see what car Euro NCAP have rated the safest car for 2020.

10. Tesla Model X – Average Rating: 86.25%

Adult Occupant: 98% | Child Occupant: 81% | Vulnerable Road User: 72% | Safety Assist: 94%

The Tesla Model X was one of the first luxury electric SUVs on the market; being very practical for families and yet providing a thrill when it comes to power. It is a healthy car that has strong running costs and zero harmful emissions. Not only is it a sight to behold but it is one of the safest cars on the road thanks to incredible driver assist system.

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9. Subaru Forester – Average Rating: 86.5%

Adult Occupant: 97% | Child Occupant: 91% | Vulnerable Road User: 80% | Safety Assist: 78%

A car made for the outdoors, the Subaru Forester has a sturdy, yet rugged interior and a range of powerful engines. It is perfect for someone who enjoys adventure on all-terrains and not only that has an incredible safety score to assure you that you can be safe while you drive.

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8. BMW 3 Series – Average Rating: 86.75%

Adult Occupant: 97% | Child Occupant: 87% | Vulnerable Road User: 87% | Safety Assist: 76%

This BMW 3 Series is probably BMW’s most popular model in its current range. It gives you a mix of practicality, luxury and storability; letting you get the most out of your car. Its classy like most BMWs and with the added safety aspect it is a great car to look at leasing.

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7. Volkswagen Arteon – Average Rating: 87%

Adult Occupant: 96% | Child Occupant: 85% | Vulnerable Road User: 85% | Safety Assist: 82%

One of the newer additions to the Volkswagen range, the Volkswagen Arteon, offers excellence. It gives off a premium prestige, both outside and in. This is a car that was made to challenge its competitors. This striking vehicle is also Volkswagen’s safest model with a great 5-star rating.

 Cheap Car Leasing - volkswagen Arteon.jpg

6. Volvo XC90 – Average Rating: 87.5%

Adult Occupant: 97% | Child Occupant: 87% | Vulnerable Road User: 72% | Safety Assist: 94%

An eye-catching SUV out on the road, the XC90 is Volvo’s entry into the premium SUV market. It is a luxury car that shows off with its exceptional design, great interior and amazing practicality. It is not Volvo's only car on this safety list which only goes to show the brand’s great advances in safety features over the past few years.

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5. Tesla Model 3 – Average Rating: 87.5%

Adult Occupant: 96% | Child Occupant: 86% | Vulnerable Road User: 74% | Safety Assist: 94%

This Model 3 is Tesla’s entry into the premium saloon market. It is Tesla’s most affordable model as well, bringing it into competition with other leading manufacturers. Also, it is an all-electric car that goes from 0-60mph in just 3.5 seconds, this is Tesla’s ambitious project that boasts an exceptional safety score.

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4. BMW Z4 – Average Rating: 87.75%

Adult Occupant: 97% | Child Occupant: 87% | Vulnerable Road User: 91% | Safety Assist: 76%

One of the few convertibles that BMW offer, the Z4 has a sleek and pointed design making it stand out against most of its other models. It has a bold exterior that just showcases BMW’s premium experience. It triumphs in a lot of fields and that includes its amazing safety rating. 

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3. Mercedes-Benz CLA – Average Rating: 88.25%

Adult Occupant: 96% | Child Occupant: 91% | Vulnerable Road User: 91% | Safety Assist: 75%

One of Mercedes’s first large, coupe-styled vehicle, it was a dramatic shift in car. It focuses on including Mercedes’ luxury and prestige as well as providing a brilliant performance. It is a big hit in the market, and this can also be attributed to its safety; taking the third spot among the safest cars around.

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2. Mercedes-Benz A-Class – Average Rating: 88.5%

Adult Occupant: 96% | Child Occupant: 91% | Vulnerable Road User: 92% | Safety Assist: 75%

Mercedes-Benz just keeps showing their manufacturing brilliance as it also takes the second spot in this list. This model is fastly becoming one of the brand’s most cherished. It combines luxury and sport as well as the latest technology. This is probably why it has been given its incredible safety score.

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1. Volvo XC60 – Average Rating: 89%

Adult Occupant: 98% | Child Occupant: 87% | Vulnerable Road User: 76% | Safety Assist: 95%

A highly respected car in the industry, the Volvo XC60 is famed by its high-tech safety features as well as comfort and engine efficiency. This is clearly indicated by its high Euro NCAP rating that boasts an impressive 95% in Safety Assist. It is an exceptional car to drive that you can be assured is the safest around.

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